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Crops quality comes from the experience handed down in the years: generation by generation. Agrinatura is the FAMILY FIRM coordinating all the phases of agriculture: seeding, growth, harvest and refrigerated storage of the crops. All the cultivations are near the headquarter km 15 far away, this able us in having the production chain (cuts, wash, package) in the 24 hours.

serre a tunnel

200.000mq of land cultivation


The quality of our vegetable makes the difference, the requirements coming from the market are growing up and consequently the crops.

coltivazioni verdure

50.000mq of land automated


To better manager particular kind of crops we built a big glass greenhouse completed automated and programmable..


To be able to supply product with high quality you have to follow all the single phase of agricultural production. In our team there is the presence of specialist (agronomist) able to compensate the organic fertilizing in order to maintain lower the percentages of mineral present and monitor crops in rotation and maintain balanced the values of the land. Nothing is left to chance and without control; all is done by the rules of the certification. Traceability of product is guaranteed by a computer system that allow us to go back till to the type of seed and fertilizer used for each batch of goods.